1. Recipients should be charitable and/or non-profit organizations and the grant money requested for a specific need; not general operating expenses.  (In general, individuals – excluding students – in a financially needy situation, or who individually seek to do good work, should partner with an established charitable organization for their specific needs.  Exceptions can be made at the Board’s discretion.)
  2. A Rotary grant request should be accompanied by a completed application.  The grant application can be found on this website by clicking this link: Grant Application.
  3. Recipients should be non-sectarian and non-political.
  4. Requests will be reviewed quarterly at the January, April, July and October Board meetings.
  5. Grants are not automatically repeated; an application needs to be submitted within each fiscal year for which a grant is needed.  The Rotary fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
  6. Typically, Rotary is interested in supporting targeted projects that deal with: health, hunger, poverty, problems of the elderly, children, domestic abuse, education and literacy, disabilities, town beautification, ecology and those projects that benefit the community.
  7. Rotary welcomes the opportunity to partner with other service organizations to advance specific goals consistent with the objectives of Rotary.  Priority will be given to activities where there is an opportunity for matching funds.
  8. Recipients are encouraged to acknowledge the SCF/TF Rotary Club in their publicity for recognition of civic contributions.
  9. Recipients will be expected to issue a follow-up report regarding the effect of Rotary’s grant, to the extent feasible, that includes receipts, photographs, and the like.  Recipients may also be asked to present during a weekly Rotary meeting.
  10. Grant applications must be either mailed to SCF/TF Rotary, PO Box 144, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024 or emailed to rotary@scfrotary.org.

Download the St. Croix Falls Rotary Club Grants Form

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