Pontoon PartyBeyond Service :: Benefits of Membership

  • Pontoon parties
  • Informal Get-togethers
  • Weekly camaraderie and networking with other local professionals
  • Valentine’s Day Social
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Christmas Celebration

Why Rotary?

“My initial motivation was to get to know more people in the area. Although I had property here since 1966, I had only lived here since 1982 and, except for church, I didn’t know very many people. I accepted an invitation from Lester Swanson and quickly saw how involved the club was in the community and internationally. I became club secretary and learned a lot more about Rotary. The more I got involved, the more I liked what I saw. I especially enjoy the international facet. The world is full of Rotary Friends, you just haven’t had a chance to meet them all yet. Together we can make a difference.”

David Lundin
Retired Airline Pilot



“I was making my way through a busy middle age when I was invited to a Rotary meeting. I figured that the last thing I needed was another obligation on my time. At the Rotary meeting, however, I was first exposed to the four way test. A group who reminded themselves every week about TRUTH, FAIRNESS, GOOD WILL AND BENEFIT TO OTHERS and consistently tested their ethics against these four benchmarks was worthy of my time and support.”

Warren White
Civil Engineer



Rebecca Berg“After recently moving to St Croix Falls, Rotary allowed me to quickly network with area business professionals, helping me become a true member of the community, not just someone who lives here. Through Rotary, my whole family has taken ownership in our city, serving and participating in local events. We also enjoy learning how we can make a difference in the world through the Rotary Foundation and hope to someday travel with fellow Rotarians on an international service trip.”

Rebecca Berg
Financial Advisor



“When I joined in 1994 the club was very small. Although there were only 2 women at that time, I never felt like I wasn’t welcome. The club has changed a lot since then. We do much more and we are so much larger, including many more women. I met a lot of people I would have never met without Rotary. I’ve never regretted joining Rotary and would encourage anyone to do the same.”

Cheryl Johnson





Thank you for your interest in Rotary Club

Please see the attached documents for more information on become a member of the St. Croix Falls/Taylors Falls Rotary Club.

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Weekly Meetings
The Rotary Club of St. Croix Falls meets every Wednesday at 12:00 PM in the Riverbend Conference Center at the St. Croix Regional Medical Center.
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