A Rotary Moment for Reflection by Bruce Brooks

May 9, 2012
by: Bruce Brooks
Theme: Networking

Pastor Bruce BrooksOur Rotary emblem is a wheel in the shape of a gear with cogs on the outside.These cogs can only function purposefully when engaged with the cogs of another geared wheel.

In which way will the cogs turn?

Our Rotary Motto gives us the direction: “Service Above Self!”

When we devote ourselves only to the forward movement of our own geared lives, we do so at the detriment of others whose cogged-wheeled lives are consequently turned backward.

But when, through Rotary, we seek the benefit of others, encouraging their accomplishment, and sharing pride in their advancement, we often selflessly gear and direct our lives in such a way that their life may improve forward.

Pastor Bruce BrooksUnable to find two cogged wheels for this Moment of Reflection, I did find a similar illustration in this children’s toy. Its shape, and many colors, and intricate interconnections, remind me of our local Rotary Club.

  • We do care for each other!
  • We do encourage each other!
  • We do serve side by side!

But our Rotary Call is so much larger than our local Rotary club!

Like this expanding interconnected sphere, through Rotary we are expanded………….. We are challenged!!! , and We-are-connected-to-a-world-of- those-for-whom-we-selflessly-live-out: “Service Above Self.”

Dear Lord,

Thank-you for the incredible folks in this room who have cared for, encouraged, and challenged us in dark times and bright. Continue to expand our world and our call, through Rotary, to others with whom we choose to be selflessly bound and connected in “Service Above Self”.

Hear us by whatever Name we call upon you. I pray in Jesus’ name.  ~Amen.

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3 Responses to “A Rotary Moment for Reflection by Bruce Brooks”

  • Lee Finholm:

    Good afternoon,

    I’m the Red Wing Rotary Club Bulletin editor and weekly place items of significance to what Rotary is about. When I saw this Rotary Moment for Reflection I immediately wanted to include this in our next edition of our bulletin.

    Who due I contact or how do I get permission to use this content?

    Lee Finholm
    D-5960 PDG 2005-06
    Red Wing Rotary Club

  • admin:

    Hi Lee,
    I’ll give you permission to use the post in your next edition. I’d love it if you’d credit the SCFrotary Club and give our website address.


  • Tom Yuzer:

    What a great way to tell the Rotary story. As a PDG of D5960 I am proud to share this in my new Rotary home in D5330. I hope more of the Rotary world will also a chance to hear this description. Tom Yuzer

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