Rotary Gathering 8/17/16

Kirk had the program today.  He has been at his place of business in downtown St. Croix Falls since 2008, Marlene and Kirk2the same year he joined Rotary with help from a wonderful friend, Rebecca. Kirk serves in everything he does, not only by being a loving husband and awesome father, but most recently joining the Voluntary Fire Department. He brought Marlene Gargulak, District Governor 2015-2016.  He has been her right-hand man on many endeavors including Rotary Club Radio.

Marlene gave a very moving message including her experience as District Governor by serving 64 Rotary Clubs and 5 Rotaract Clubs.  She first joined to be a part of eradicating polio but stayed for the many benefits of Rotary that revolve around Service Above Self.  Specifically, benefits of Rotary include:

  • Opportunity to serve
  • Enhance your business through networking and great reputation
  • Make great friends
  • Enhance you own leadership skills and build confidence
  • Travel and meet amazing people whose motivation is to be of service to others
  • Make meaningful changes in our own community and the world
  • Accepted no matter what your faith/religion
  • Experience pride in your community
  • Partner with other organizations to make great things happen on large levels

She is right!  We all got in to Rotary to serve but have gained more than we could’ve imagined.  Thanks Marlene for your words of inspiration and love.

In other news…

Our venue will be changing from Dalles House to St. Croix Regional Medical Center (SCRMC), Riverbend Room, located on the north side of the building in the Education Center located on the Lower Level.  This will begin for our September 7 meeting.  We met at SCRMC and the food was great, it was nice to be able to serve yourself, and many Rotarians were able to walk there. Parking was a bit of a challenge due to SCRMC throwing a huge party for one of our own–Dr. Arne Lagus–for practicing medicine there for 50 years!

Last call for car raffle tickets and the money – get them it in Warren today.  Also our exchange students are soon to arrive.  Sophia from Argentina will be arriving on Wednesday (8:58 AM if you’d like to join the welcoming crew) and will be attending SCF High School.  Isabel from Germany will most likely be arriving on August 27; she will be attending Osceola High School.

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