Rotary Club Meeting – May 19, 2010

Today’s Rotary Club was to celebrate the 16 outstanding students from the St. Croix Falls and Osceola High Schools who were chosen to be the Student of the Month in 2009 and 2010.  From these winners, 2 students were given a $100 scholarship for college.  Scholarship was a gift from the Rotary Club of St. Croix Falls/Taylors Falls.

Presenting the Students of the Month plaques to the schools was Dr. Steve Bont of St. Croix Falls.  The winners of the $100 scholarship were: Austin Whittenberger of St. Croix Falls High School and Jessica Martell of Osceola High School.

The 2009-2010 Students of the Month From The St. Croix Falls High School

  • Cory Gebhard, October 2009
  • Megan Yunker, November 2009
  • Jon Mikl, December 2009
  • Austin Whittenberger, January 2010
  • Gabby Nuckles, February 2010
  • Katie Burns, March 2010
  • Alicha Greenlee, April 2010
  • Christian Wolfe, May 2010

The 2009-2010 Students of the Month From The Osceola High School

  • Kristine Gustafson , October 2009
  • Ricky Hoverman,  November 2009
  • Jessica Martell , December 2009
  • Megan Tarman , January 2010
  • Avery Bundgaard , February 2010
  • Cera Nelson , March 2010
  • April Elise Strobach , April 2010
  • May James Cross , May 2010

Also present at the meeting was Fmr. Police Detective and Talk Show host, Dan Conry.  Dan offered the students some words of wisdom about the real world and encouraged them to do their best.  You can find more information about  Dan at his website:

Next years Foreign Exchange Student, Elliott Frokjer, was also at our meeting to receive a special gift from the St. Croix Falls Rotary Club, presented by Warren White.  Elliott will be going to Switzerland as an Outbound Foreign Exchange Student.

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5 Responses to “Rotary Club Meeting – May 19, 2010”

  • Tom Engel:

    Thank you for this special listing. I really appreciate your excellent skills at promotion and publicity.

  • Bruce Brooks:

    Greetings Kirk,
    Thank-you for the living portrait you give of Rotary. The gathering yesterday was incredible of community leaders of tomorrow and many who are their mentors in vocations today.
    I also want to offer appreciation to Phil for one of the most compelling talks and demonstrations of how personal the devastation of polio was on people in his life. Yes, we smiled at Austin’s willingness to work a crawl on the floor without the benefit of his feet. But that polio representation got me thinking deeper about Rotary’s world wide efforts against polio.
    Good work, Kirk


    Kirk–You are on the way to becoming a “Multi-Media Communicator Par Excellence.” Do no less as you demonstrate ways for RC members to communicate within a club and between clubs. –JJK

  • Thanks so much for sharing these accomplished students. I was away on business and so sorry I missed it. Great meeting I can tell. See you soon.

  • Craig Leiser, DGE:

    Great job all the way around. Student recognition is essential for success of any program that involves them. Great club website connection. Terry has always done a fine job.

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