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Rotary Gathering 4/13/16

Wow!  What a fantastic group we had today!  We had 12 guests today; Strive Students8 STRIVE students (pictured with Mike), two job shadowing students, and Mike Wilson, SCF School Counselor, who has been key in helping the STRIVE program come to life.  Thank you Mike!  Thank you also to Steve Mc. and Kirk A. sharing with our guests what Rotary is and why they are passionate about being a Rotarian themselves.

givescvLet the giving begin!  “giveBIG St. Croix Valley” is now through Tuesday, April 26.  This will help shape our community’s future.  With giveBIG St. Croix Valley you can support the nonprofit of your choice throughout Amery, Osceola and St. Croix Falls.  There are four ways to donate: Online at, in person at drop off sites, by phone 715-294-5727 or by mail, to nonprofits.  Like and share on facebook:

Join a discussion with the St. Croix Valley Connections!  Message from Kirk:

On Thursday, April 14th, the St. Croix Valley Connections networking group will be having our “OPEN HOUSE!”  If you own a business, or have a service or a product you’d like to promote in the St. Croix Valley, we want you to be our special guest!  This is not a sales meeting and there is nothing to buy! We actually want to share our best referrals with you for your business!  Beginning at 8 AM, we will have a hot breakfast and 90 minutes of business networking, education, and fun! Bring 30-40 business cards to pass out, your best elevator pitch about your business, and an expectation to connect a roomful of awesome people! We meet at the Osceola Community Church in their community room.  Please RSVP to let me know you’re coming by calling: 612-598-5758 or email  Find more information about us at:

Our program was introduced by our wonderful new member, Tom Meister.  He shared who he ended up in SCF and why he is proud to be a Rotarian.  Germaine Ross, new Osceola Chamber of Commerce growosceolaDirector, presented a wonderful program elaborating on the work she and others are doing for the Pollinator Project, specifically Grow Osceola (  Their mission is: 1. Improve collaboration among municipal, business, organizational, volunteer and residential sectors so everyone works toward common goals.  2. Plan and implement projects that promote a thriving, vibrant and caring town with well cared-for parks, green spaces, seasonal plantings, and a clean environment. 3. Help spread the message: “Osceola is a great place to live, work, play, and visit.”  4. Enjoy having fun, true community spirit and civic pride that results when everyone pitches in to make visible improvements.

Rotary Gathering 3/2/16

We had a wonderful meeting!  Students of the Month joined us with their selected teacher.  Steven Lattin,Steven Lattin St. Croix Falls High School, was the first to be honored, pictured with his teacher, Kate Lehny and Matt Fisk, presenting Rotarian.  Second was Logan Miller, Osceola High School, pictured with teacher Pam Brunclik and Rotarian Matt Fisk.  Congratulations to them, and thank you for being a role model in your schools by following the Rotary 4-Way Test of the things we think say and do.

1. Is it the TRUTH?Logan Miller
2. Is it FAIR to All Concerned?
3. Will it Build GOODWILL and Better Friendships?
4. Will it Be BENEFICIAL to All Concerned?

We also had a great presentation on the Pollinator Project.  Dawn shared a video and Warren also gave some helpful information to ensure these plants survive through weeds, drought and DawnPollinatorno sun.  There are two very helpful sites:

Additional resources include: National Park Service (, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (, and U.S. Forest Service (

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Rotary Gathering 9/16/15

  • Little Free Library build date tentative is October 31 or later.
  • Fall Clean up project is likely to be the skate park or other Rotary sponsored spots.  We will fix the retaining wall and paint the trash can Rotary Blue with decals!
  • Color Run by SCRMC this Saturday at 10 AM in Lindstrom.  Taewon and Steve will likely give it a try. Register at:
  • October 24 … save the date for helping with our annual Halloween Party for the district 5960 party.ORS%20D5960
  • Pollinator Project … club agreed to sign up for this as part of our DG’s plea to help on a district level.  Suggestions were made to coordinate with the local NPS and-or the Butterfly House for Chem Dep women in SCF.  Niki will sign us up.  Warren is planning on a 1000 sq ft project at his house as well.
  • Chisago Lakes is considering a fundraiser with large Dragon Boat Races. [6+ person canoes] in 2016.  We might join in!
  • One Rotary Summit … a district membership, idea meeting is scheduled in Stillwater on October 3rd 9-noon (
  • Woody McBride presented information about Wannigan Days … past and future.  He was very thankful for Rotary’s support and would like to meet with a small group to advance ideas for next year and ways for Rotary to make more money.
  • TaeWon had his first hot tub experience and asked about “wetting the floor”, but actually meant he didn’t want to walk in the house with a wet suit. Whew … those language barriers. Thought we had a problem there for a moment!

IF You Missed It, we hope to see you next week.

Rotary Gathering 8/5/15

In case you missed it…  Marlene Gargulak, 5960 District Governor, blessed us with her presence.

Marlene GargulakThe Rotary theme this year is “Be a gift to the world.”  She spoke of the ‘Be’ vs. ‘Do’.  How can we BE a gift?  First, identify our gifts; second, figure out how belonging to Rotary brings out your best gifts; and finally, how can we make the world different with those gifts?  Definitely inspiring… and something to ponder on to get grounded again as we start the new Rotary year.

The synergy the Rotarians have across the world is mind-blowing; she gave some examples like eradicating polio and the incredible projects that the Foundation has accomplished for those who are less fortunate than us (so hopefully we reach our club goal).  She asked us to support some initiatives that the synergy can bring for the future as well:

  • Pollinator Project;
  • Peace & Conflict Resolution – Invite those who are of different ethnic backgrounds to share at our meetings and to invite to be Rotarians;
  • Stop Domestic Violence/Abuse – Learn the symptoms.
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