Rotarians under the direction of long-time Rotarian and retired Civil Engineer Warren White recently undertook a civic beautification project.  A "junk art" fish sculpture originally located by the State Fish Hatchery was in dire need of repairs.   Years of weather, vandals, and critters had taken a toll on this mixed-media sculpture.  Warren invited the Club to join him in renovating the metal and plastic fish.  A work day was organized at Warren's house, and new CDs and DVDs replaced the original missing or broken CDs that served as the fish's scales.  The tail was painted a metallic deep blue, and various other parts were cleaned up or painted to spruce up the sculpture.
The original artist, Al Wadzinski, was delighted that the Club had taken on the job of renovating his sculpture.  As guest speaker at our Sept. 9 meeting,  Al gave us the history of the fish sculpture, as well as an overview of his occupation as an artist.  He was on hand as the sculpture was officially dedicated with the help of Mayor Kirk Anderson.  The fish sculpture now sits on West Kentucky Street just south of Clayton's Hardware.