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SCF Rotary Meetings have resumed!
Due to COVID-19 precautions, rotary meetings took a short break, but our club is back at it with meetings every Wednesday at noon at the Dalles House! We've been taking extra cautionary steps including social distancing and requiring masks at the meetings, as well as a Zoom option for streaming the meetings at home. Join us next time on Wednesday online or at the Dalles House at noon.
July 15th, a speaker from SCRMC gave a presentation on the hospital's steps towards the epidemic and their plans/actions on the matter.
SCF Rotary Donates DIsc Golf discs to SCF High!
Rotary Donates Disc Golf Discs to SCF High!
On Monday Sept 16 at 2:30 PM, members of the SCF Rotary club met with some SCF High Phy Ed students to present some new disc golf discs for the phy ed department and teach some disc golf skills via SCF High alumni Wade White!
The Rotary Club presented 40 discs, (20 drivers and 20 putters) to the SCF High phy ed department. 


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